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In fond memory of our Founder

The late Shri Bijayananda exemplified unparalleled sacrifice and passion for uplifting the marginalised in the mountain regions of Odisha ,with special focus on Tribals ( Adivasis), Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other Backward Classes (OBC). His lifetime dedication to transform lives of the unprivileged and marginalised community through social activities was of the highest order.

The passing away of our beloved Founder led to a physical and symbolic vaccum, an irreplaceable feeling of loss of a guardian who served as a role model and created many a groundbreaking changes for betterment in the social sphere of Odisha. His absence will have a lasting impact on the organizations, as well as on the wider movement in the region.

Shri Bijayananda was a tireless and unassuming advocate for the charitable causes he believed in. 

Be it in peace or disaster, livelihood or education, Shri Bijayananda led the way to break the shackles that bound the society’s downtrodden.

Women and girls who are empowered can help lift their families and communities out of poverty. Through education, access to resources, and political participation, they have the power to change not only their own lives but also those around them