Solidarity for developing communities


Women Empowerment

SOLID main goals is to empower women, and also form a cooperative and make them sustainable .


  • A common platform for Interface between victim families and government employees were facilitated.
  • More than 2030 women renewed their membership with SEWA.
  • Initiatives were taken to form a new union of SEWA Odisha.
  • Members who had taken trainings on livelihood started 7 units of trading.
  • Collective marketing for seasonal produces were facilitated by the project.
  • 90% SEWA members have formed SHGs and represented their own Panchayat Federation.
  • In 5 Gram Panchayats women leaders played active role for managing their federation.
  • 55 SHGs received and established linkages with OLM department and have accessed revolving fund from Banks.
  • Awareness amongst 5 Gram Panchayats to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines by using mask, sanitisation, hand washing, social distancing, vaccination etc.
  • More than 554 SEWA members have got employed in MGNREGS work like making road, plantation work, farm ponds, etc., after the pandemic lockdown was lifted. 

Micro Finance Institution (MFI) for Livelihood and Women Empowerment

Local Contribution