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Efforts are being made to address healthcare needs in marginalised and poor communities.

Solid India recognises that the complex issues faced by modern India can only be resolved when the state, the civil society, individuals and corporates join hands, and work with each other. A wide lens approach that accommodates many more partners has become indispensable to avoid failures and multiply the odds of success. The calls to leverage the efforts and capabilities of all stakeholders to step up the impact of poverty reduction and social inclusion programmes are growing louder, and SOLID India is working to achieve this goal, through collaborations.

1.Health Camps related projects being organised in remote villages of Odisha.
2.22 Health camps were organized during the period, with Medical check up done by Experienced doctors and Free Medicines were distributed.
3. 25 Village were benfitted and about 1000 patients approximately was impacted during this program.

1. Regular meetings of Matru Committee have created awareness on health tips for women and children.
2. Facilitated and mobilised people from remote village level in partnership with TATA power TPSODL Mobile health vans.
3. People understood the importance of health camps and were able to purchase the medicines and use it properly.

1. Six community health trainings were organized on malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, water born diseases, etc and 120 Health Volunteers have been put in place.
2. Annual Picnic for HH and all staff,Village Development Initiative program, Reproductive Health for Adolescent girls.
3. 29 girl HH’s participated the training on “Adolescent Health” and have become aware in their day to day life of health and sanitation.

1. Chronic diseases like ringworm, scabies were wiped out through continuous medications.
2. General awareness on personal health and hygiene increased particularly among the women.
3. Diseases were identified at early stage and treatment was possible.