Solidarity for developing communities


Bishnu Priya was born into a very poor tribal (Kandha) family in a very remote village Siangbali in the Kandhamal district of Odisha. She is a first –generation college goer from her family. She passed standard 10th securing good mark. Presently, she is studying at Dr.V.R Ambedkar College which is situated 10km away from her native village. She has joined for the +2 1st yr arts in the college. Her only widow mother Ms. Srabanti Pradhan takes care of her. A majority of her village in the countryside still faces constraints such as access to education, health facilities, drinking water, power, roads, credit, information and market. Her parents are daily labourers.

Ms. Bishnupriya is a role model of her village and community, who always encouraged following cleanliness, dreaming big & educating the village children. She was regularly going to school and the holistic development centre for upgrading herself by accumulating different knowledge from the holistic centre.

She realized the ethos of girls’ education and the role of girls in transforming the world. So, she was pushing herself much to come forward and stand herself strongly. Now she is a living role model for her family and friends and beyond, her aim is very high with a service motive to work in the Ideal teacher’s sector broadly. She said that, she gain much from the centre such as crash courses and coaching provided by the teachers. Getting study materials, conducting mock test, availing of practice guide book, etc. Also, very often getting the career counseling conducted by the inclusive staffs. She is active and agile to learn the new lessons conducted by the HDCs.


We came to know during the adolescent counseling sessions that students are building their identities; Ms. Bishnu Priya learned about those career paths from the programme. Achievers program those she attended this summer at Daringbadi Field Training Center. “The lesson today forced me to contemplate the future, to think about what I want to do, students also from the group get a look at future career paths-and they like what they see, The students attended learned essential life skills, high school mentors guide the kids in exercises on self-identity, personal growth, and character development. “They are just basic social skills that I feel are important” She says. “Being quick on your toes, you know, being able to answer all the questions fully that the interviewer is asking” Online educational portal is part of SFDC’s Goal to help close the digital divide and bring state-of –the art technology to teachers, schools, and students. We also learnt that during the adolescent period students are building their Identities,” Says Head master Mr. Nilamadhaba Patra of Siangbali High school. “So, it is a really important time to be able to have them reflect on who they are really: what do they value most? What do they see themselves to be in the future?