Solidarity for developing communities


Ms.Basini Nayak is a widow, aged about 53 yrs & belongs to Tiama a rural remote village, under luhagudi gramapanchyat of Mohana block of Gajapati district, Odihsa. In this small village about 28 Dalit Christian families are living since last 10 decades. Its 20km away from the block headquarters and 170 km away from the district head quarters. This village is prevalence of illiteracy, child marriage, unemployment, and migration, less health facility and under the poverty. Local peoples mostly migrating to the cities like, Goa, Kerla, Karnataka, Andrapradhesh, Tamilnadu, Mumbai etc. This village has purely neglected and unreached of the government schemes and programme. Particularly from this village young youths, are struggling for their survival by migrating to other state. Ms.Basini had married to Balakrushna Nayak who was drinking alcohol most of his youth time. Mr. Balakrusha was not taking proper care of his own family. 

Over the passage of time and with struggling they had three daughters and one son. Ms. Basini was trying hard to keep grow 4 children by doing daily labour and seling the fire wood, brooms, etc. Even in the small income she was managing her family but her husband who quarreled each day and makes disturbance and nuisance and passed away by drinking wine only. Over the past few years her daughters and son become young and the happiness comeback to their home. From family no one has crossed the 10th standard due to the financial constraint. In the mean time SFDC organization in the yr 2017 formed the VPDC Committees where the members were active and energetic. The committee was responsible for solving the village conflict issues, intervening domestic violence, village development plan. Ms. Basini afterwards got involved in this committee and through this VPDC platform she involved in the SEWA union and got attached in the meeting, training and group activities. Even during this journey she managed to make married of her two daughters. As son is staying away from the hometown. She had only support left that was her small daughter who is currently staying at village. During the COVID-19 she become totally hopeless as no income, no work, no activities nothing to earn daily livelihood. It was a kind of another storm in her life. In this challenging situation she had begged money from the money lender to lead her life. She gets the amounts towards laboring during the paddy, maize cultivation, and farm work of the land owner. In order to pay backs the amounts she is trying hard. Exactly in this difficult situation she came to know about the relief distribution from SFDC organization and came forward to contact to the VPDC members. Finally her name was registered to receive the relief materials. After receive the relief she was very happy and felt grateful towards the sponsor organization as during the required time she got the supports. While her turn comes to receive the relief package she seems to be very happy and calm. Ms.Basina told that if we organize for noble cause the noble people will help us”