Solidarity for developing communities


Gobindpur village is situated under the Manikpur Gram Panchyat. The village is plenty of natural resources, where 42 house holds lives in this village. The village is 2 km away from the GP head quarter, and 20 km away from the Mohana block head quarter. Also 80 km away from the  district head quarter. All families are belongs to Hindu religion also known as Adivasi(nKandha).somesources says that most the women are illiterate, even if they do not know their signature in  earlier, now they have little exposure with regards to knowledge and idea of reading and writing. Near about 200 people are living in this village. Villagers have some cultivable land and forest resources. Early the villager were migrating to other city and towns for searching livelihoods and income for survival. And some of the village farmers were cultivating paddy, vegetable, maize, and other pusles for their livelihood. They also collects firewood, mahuaflowers,forest seeds, leaf, kendu and making leafplate in which they get income with a few earn they survive their family. They have has traditional festivals, rituals, and worship village deity by the offering of killing animals and hens. They were believe on sun, water, and air. Now this thoughts are changed slowly by the presence of education.

            Mrs Sulata Nayak(37) her husband Uday Chandra Nayak (42) lives in a community. In the child hood period by the force of parents she studied up to 7 standardnear by school. MrsSulata got merry in the age of 17.she had a dream to live happy life with struggle and efforts. In the year 2018 she was beaten by her husband, at the same time she had two children. She wanted to leave her husband and live life alone. But there was a traditional committee they resolved conflict of Sulata and her husband. Later Mrs Sulata came to know about SHG and she became the members of Maamahalaxmi. He started saving and attend regular meeting with the groups. She also involved in different village volunteer work and slowly she progressed in agriculture activities. She also advised with MBK and work hard with her farm in agriculture. Last 7and 8 years back they were using chemicals and pesticide but at present they follow the organic way of cultivation. Sulata is very much keen to earn money through vegetable cultivation. She has own land, she is cultivating two time crops in a year. Also multi crops also doing in her farm. She also rearing up goats, bullock, and hen.

            She also gets some money from the group the money has been sanctioned by the govt, the group women are sharing these funds for their own business. These small amount of money she utilized in a careful manner in agriculture activities. Now she earn money from the vegetable Rs 2000 in a week. She has done brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, and radish etc. She participated in TPSODL training programme which was being organized at Manikpur GP. Also she got some idea and knowledge in a farming process. Now she has interested to plant some fruit bearing tree like mango, drumstic, papaya, etc. she also gratitude to SFDC staff and the MBK for giving opportunities in this backyard farming training.

            Now she is able to reach in good position for income generation. She also guiding other women members for vegetable cultivation and rising the weekly basis income.