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Ms. Lalita Mallick has shown interest for Digital skill

Lalita Mallick age about 35,an inhabitant of madhuramba village. The village is under luhagudi Gram panchyat. Under mohana Block of Gajapati district of Odisha. This is a revenue village. Very closed to main road of Berhampur. Also 130 Km away from the district head quarter, 2 km away from the Panchyat head quarter and 9 km away from the block head quarter. This village is surrounded by the cultivable land and green vegetation. The household members belongs to scheduled Tribe (saura adibasi).this village is both Hindu and Christian families. Near about 132 people are living in this village. This main occupation of the these communities are agriculture and daily labour. They collect firewood and sold in the nearby market to meet their daily needs as they depends mostly on forest for forest product.

Mrs LalitaMallick got marry in the early age to Satya (40) now they have 3 children. They were living with much struggle and hardship. Mrs Lalita completed her study up to 12the standard. Also she is very active in her daily lives. One day she wanted to buy table fan for their daily use, but she did not meet this problem, her husband denied to buy the fan, also there was a conflict in between a couple. Then she wanted to go market for construction work in nearby  their village.  She went 3, 4, days for earning money and but the table fan. But she fall in illness. She  borrow money from the village SHG, also she got money and got the table fan. Gradually she lend all money to the SHG. Then she wanted to know the SHGs activities and realised also thought, why not I will form  a group ? then she started the process and she succeeded. Now she became president of Morium SHG, and managing the group. By the passage of time she also involved with SFDC activities and participated in different training programme and learnt many things with the organisation. She has knowledge on mobile operating, using apps, and she has some technical skills. She also participated in the TPSODL training programme and wanted to use the apps and save the time. Because she used to go most ot the time forest and farm for cultivating. At present she is interest to earn money by the mobile and getting relax and boredom.

She also  gratitude  SFDC staffs For their contribution and help of different situation to Lalita. She organising women for meeting, and giving some information, also sharing some news which she received from the mobile phone. This is very keen and curious to everybody even if the village women who do not have education. Because immediate result and immediate information are received by the technology.At Present girls and women are follow the Lalitaforher interest and efforts in which now she has become the informative for everybody.

Apart from that she also interest on farm activities and vegetable cultivation, she sold her vegetable nearby market. Weekly she gets Rs1500 to 1700. So she has no financial burden in a present situation. Her husband also helps Lalita for increase their daily income.