Solidarity for developing communities


Keshapanka village of Goudagotha Panchyat is located in Ganjam District. The habitat of this village totals 72 families or households are living in this small village. Out of 72 families only 12 families belongs to Dalit Christians, while rest 60 families belongs to the sub-caste Soura belongs to Kandha soura Christians. The people here are very dependent on paddy cultivation for their livelihood. The living style of the local community people in this village is very simple. Here, in the village no one could able to notice the people’s attitude towards others with having violence and anger etc. People are leaving with the relationship of brotherhood among each other in the communities. A handful of people from this small village have passed the 10th standard and are now enrolled in colleges for higher education. Ms. Priyanka Raita a 17-year-old girl is the second child of her father Mr. Sime Raita and Ms. Shugami Raita. Due to family financial problems, she had left her studies from 8th standard and had migrated for 2 years, and was living with a Babu’s (Masters) house in Mumbai, and could able to earn some amount of money and returned to her native village and enrolled under high school at Goudagotha with the intervention of SFDC office staffs.

SFDC staffs helped her out from the difficult situation she was passing over there. After counseling and consultation with her parents and the man who has kept her, finally, Priyanka agreed and registered in the school from the standard 9th grade, and continued her studies and was residing in the local Kasturba Ashram, It is true that Priyanka no doubt returned village, and joined in the school but due to the 2 years of age gap she was quite reluctant for taking admission in the school again and to study with the fellow junior mate as she was little older than her classmates. But after having a meeting with the headmaster and with repeated mediation from both the Inclusive education staffs as well as the parents of Ms. Priyanka Raita and the teachers finally made her motivated her to continue high school studies. She becomes strong after getting so much input from the elders and well-wishers which molded her to give the best in the final AHSCE-2022. She pushed up herself much and work hard to give better result in 10th final examination under the basic government hostel facilities provided by the govt. high school. Finally, she gave the exam and did the best among all the classmates. Ms. Priyanka Raita got first ranked among all the 82 appeared students securing 432 marks out of 600 which are coming 72 percentages.

After hearing the result of the dropout students Priyanka Raita, the Additional District Education Officer (ADEO) too became happy and congratulated her for the results. Whole village people too become happy of her results and performances. She is quite grateful towards her well wishers and all the counseling members of both SFDC and School staffs for the guidance and encouragement. She has learnt during the required time that without self motive well wishers have shaped her career. The School headmaster of Goudagotha High School Mr. Prabhudata Das and Additional District Educational Officer Mr. Pabitra Mohan Sahu also promised to support her during her visit to the Kasturva ladies hostel. Now she is very happy for pursue the higher secondary studies at Hinjilicut College, located at Ganjam district of southern odisha.